Castle Grounds and Environs | Concept for the Future

The castle property consists of five buildings:

Kimball's Castle
A two-story rusticated stone castle with approximately 6000 square feet. The Castle was built in 1897 and is a beloved local landmark. The main living room is paneled in oak that, according to local legend, was crafted in England and then numbered, dismantled, and shipped to Gilford. The living room is topped by an octagonal balcony open to the second floor hallway. Above that is an octagonal amber glass skylight.

Caretaker's Cottage
A one-story shingle Crafstman style cottage with approximately 750 square feet. The cottage is paneled in beautiful oak and mahogany woodwork.

Carriage House
A two-story building with approximately 3100 square feet. The first floor is currently garage space and the upstairs is an open loft.

Chauffeur's Cottage
A one-story cottage with approximately 540 square feet. The cottage is paneled in pine with beautiful built-in cabinetry.

A one-story barn with approximately 1000 square feet and a shingle style exterior.

The hillside in front of the Castle was once covered with Victorian gardens. The remains of pathways, stone steps, terraced flower beds, and rock gardens are visible in the underbrush.