Born in Boscawen, New Hampshire.

Kimball Castle was built by Benjamin Ames Kimball in the town of Gilford, New Hampshire. The castle overlooks "the Broads" of lake Winnipesaukee. Benjamin Ames Kimball was very influencial in New Hampshire politics and served as President of the Boston, Montreal and Concord railways.

An article posted in "The Granite Monthly" (1920) gives a thorough review of Benjamin's life and acheivements.

The Kimball Family Crest
The crest was created by John Kimball of Concord, New Hampshire. John Kimball was Benjamin Ames Kimball's older brother. The caption on the light blue banner reads "Fortis Non Ferox" … latin for "Strength not Fierceness". Additional information regarding the Kimball Family Coat of Arms can be found on Teresa Rozich's excellent site on Kimball Family Geneology.